Common Forms of Children’s Therapy

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Dr. Renee Clauselle and Dr. Francyne Zeltser, highly recognized, experienced, licensed, and certified medical doctors of psychology, embrace children's therapy options at the highly successful, sought-after Child and Family Psychology Center in Franklin Square, NY.

Our esteemed doctors have helped multitudes of children of all ages for years, addressing many mental health concerns through various therapies.

Our doctors are constantly learning new trends in treatment options for children and are here to explain the current and most successful therapies available to children in the 21st Century.

Common Forms of Therapy for Children

We can only set your child's therapy in motion once we make a definitive diagnosis. We must work comfortably with you and your child. Only then can we develop a treatment plan. Therapy options depend on your child's age up to 18. 

Our goal at the Child and Family Psychology Center in Franklin Square, NY, is to explore the relationship between your child's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We perform psychological testing that uncovers learning disabilities/ADHD/delays in development/autism/and behavioral disorders.

We use therapies that prove successful outcomes while following a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy approach. Research shows that psychotherapy helps to remove many anxiety/depression/anger/ relationship problems/defiance issues/and trauma symptoms. 

Younger children respond well to therapy techniques using, 

  • Games
  • Puppets
  • Skits
  • Traditional age-related communication

We treat children using alternative methods of therapy versus medicine. These therapies prove highly successful without pain, invasive procedures, or side effects. A couple of standard therapies are as follows.

  • Neurofeedback

This therapy helps your child change their brain function without medication by recording brain waves and using video games. Children love to win games, and winning this video game means your child has achieved the desirable brain wave pattern. 

Successful outcomes may mean we use this therapy 2-3 times a week. It is proven that Neurofeedback shows long-term and lasting results in decreasing ADHD/autism/anxiety/and depression symptoms.

  • Parent Training/Coaching

It becomes problematic when your child has persistent challenges at school and home. We lend a hand to help you with proven therapy techniques so you can manage your child's challenging behaviors and emotions.

You will find our training helps your child if they have ADHD/are defiant/ autistic/or are a teenager.

Other types of success-proven child therapy may include,

  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Dance therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parent/child interaction therapy

Don't Fight Your Child's Battles Alone

You do not have to fight childhood problems alone. Please call Dr. Clauselle and Dr. Zeltser at Child and Family Psychology Center in Franklin Square, NY, today at (516) 900-7589 and make your consultation appointment for help immediately through the use of children's therapy.

We can assess your child, target a diagnosis, and set a therapy/treatment plan.

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