• Tailored Therapeutic Services: Understanding the Benefits of Concierge Counseling
    Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness provides exclusive therapeutic services to the Franklin Square, NY, area including concierge counseling to children and adults. Dr. Clauselle has over 15 years Read more
  • How Concierge Counseling Differs From Traditional Counseling Models
    Concierge counseling can be a lifeline for families facing unique challenges, offering a personalized and accessible approach to mental health care. Imagine a scenario where a family is navigating the Read more
  • The Science Behind Neurofeedback
    What Is Neurofeedback? A strong movement in psychology is teaching people how to be more conscious and deliberate with their thoughts. These techniques help sufferers form better self-talk habits and reduce Read more
  • Parent Coaching: Building Stronger Parent-Child Relationships
    Parents and Coaching Parents Dr. Renee Clauselle, an esteemed and award-winning psychologist, founded and directs Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY. She devotes herself to parent coaching, children, mental health, Read more
  • Nutrition and Mental Health Connection: Insights From Psychologists
    Our Diets and Our Mental Health: Is There a Connection? Our esteemed doctor, Dr. Renee Clauselle, is a practicing psychologist who founded and directs Renee Clauselle Wellness, in Franklin Square, NY. Our Read more
  • The Transformative Power of Parent Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide
    Parent coaching involves a specialized form of guidance and support to assist parents in navigating the challenges of raising children. It provides personalized strategies, tools, and insights to enhance parenting Read more
  • The Role of a Psychologist on Your Healthcare Team
    Everyone needs help from time-to-time! When thinking through issues on your own isn't enough, you might need a psychologist on your healthcare team. Dr. Renee Clauselle is an experienced psychologist who Read more
  • Common Forms of Children’s Therapy
    New York's Leading Child and Family Psychologists Dr. Renee Clauselle and Dr. Francyne Zeltser, highly recognized, experienced, licensed, and certified medical doctors of psychology, embrace children's therapy options at the highly Read more
  • How Brain Training Can Improve Your Well-Being
    If you’re seeking a natural way to gain more control over your life, thoughts, and emotions, Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY offers brain training Read more
  • How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Help You
    When you’re dealing with certain issues, it can be hard to constantly need medications and not get the best results possible still. There are ways to train your brain and Read more
  • What Does Neurofeedback Therapy Help With?
    Neurofeedback is a type of therapy that can improve your overall brain function and so it's often prescribed when treating a number of conditions. Some of these will be explored Read more
  • How Concierge Counseling Works
    When it comes to therapy, it’s important to find the type of practice that works best for you. With concierge counseling, you can have a therapist that focuses on you Read more
  • What To Expect From Brain Training
    Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be debilitating, leading to a loss of energy and Read more
  • FAQS About Neurofeedback
    When dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, or migraines, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed about finding answers to your problems. These issues can impact your everyday life and make Read more
  • FAQs About Brain Training
    Brain training is an innovative therapeutic method for treating depression. If you are still struggling with depression even after trying anti-depressants and various therapies, you might benefit from brain training. Read more
  • The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist
    Mental health should be taken seriously and it’s important that you’re getting as much help for your mental health as you are for your physical health. Seeing a psychologist gives Read more

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