The Role of a Psychologist on Your Healthcare Team

Everyone needs help from time-to-time! When thinking through issues on your own isn't enough, you might need a psychologist on your healthcare team.

Dr. Renee Clauselle is an experienced psychologist who runs Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY. She's passionate about helping individuals and families overcome the stumbling blocks in their lives that keep them from experiencing the happiness and well-being they desire.

Brain Training

When medications and therapy aren't enough to treat depression, brain training may help. Brain training is designed to help improve your cognitive abilities by retraining your brain to start bettering your mood and improving your overall quality of life. 

Looking for a psychologist in Franklin Square, NY? Dr. Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness can help you strengthen your brain and start training today! 

Enhance Communication and Relationships

Effective communication with your healthcare providers and maintaining healthy relationships can have a profound impact on your healthcare experience. By working with a psychologist, you can improve your communication skills, build better relationships with those around you and address interpersonal conflicts. 

Prevent Mental Health Crises

Having a psychologist on your team means they can identify early warning signs and provide interventions to avoid mental health issues from escalating. 

Having a regular psychologist like Dr. Clauselle means your mental health is closely monitored, while you receive ongoing support. 

Therapy Catered To You

When life stressors get in the way, it can be easy to forget the necessity of self-care. Life stress might have you merely existing in your relationships, family and work, rather than thriving. 

Seeing a psychologist means you can get help to develop the emotional skills you need to deal with undesirable emotions. You might have some obstacles to overcome, or you might just need someone to chat to about the stresses in daily life! 

Dr. Clauselle can address your mental health concerns, promote behavior change and overall well-being. 

Need a psychologist on your healthcare team? Contact Dr. Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness, Franklin Square, NY at (516) 900-7589 to take the first step to a more fulfilling life.

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