Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Interpersonal Psychotherapy in Garden City, NY

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy is time-limited and structured, focused on addressing certain specific issues that are often related to difficulties in everyday relationships. You can learn more about interpersonal psychotherapy and if it's right for you by reaching out to Dr. Renee Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness in Garden City, NY.


Rather than focusing on the past, interpersonal psychotherapy is aimed at addressing problems with an active approach, with your therapist offering strategies that can help you achieve change. Structured means that there is typically a set number of sessions over a set time, usually between 12 and 16 weeks, but those numbers may vary depending on a number of factors.

These may be individual or group sessions, with the first few helping to guide the treatment. Expect interviews, assessments, and homework, along with treatment strategies once the goals are identified.

Four Key Areas

When speaking of interpersonal psychotherapy, there are usually four key areas that are addressed, and for which this form of psychotherapy is often recommended:

  • For a conflict that exists within your current relationships, it could be family, friends, and others that involve regular interactions.
  • For dealing with loss and grief, whether the experienced loss is recent or not.
  • For any important life changes and transitions, like losing a job, moving, or the birth of a child, anything that impacts an established dynamic.
  • For anyone struggling with difficulties in creating or sustaining relationships.

Interpersonal psychotherapy has for a long time been recommended for treating major depression, in both treating and helping to prevent a relapse. But it also helped in dealing with other mood disorders for patients of all ages. It can provide benefits on its own or as part of an ongoing treatment that can include medication.

If you're interested in interpersonal psychotherapy in Garden City, NY, you can schedule a visit with Dr. Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness by dialing (516) 750-4841.

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