• FAQS About Neurofeedback
    When dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, or migraines, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed about finding answers to your problems. These issues can impact your everyday life and make Read more
  • FAQs About Brain Training
    Brain training is an innovative therapeutic method for treating depression. If you are still struggling with depression even after trying anti-depressants and various therapies, you might benefit from brain training. Read more
  • The Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist
    Mental health should be taken seriously and it’s important that you’re getting as much help for your mental health as you are for your physical health. Seeing a psychologist gives Read more
  • What Does Neurofeedback Treat?
    Neurofeedback therapy is biofeedback that trains individuals to regulate their brain waves to improve cognitive and emotional functioning. During neurofeedback therapy sessions, sensors are placed on the scalp to monitor Read more
  • How Do I Know My Child Needs Therapy?
    Children’s therapy can be extremely beneficial to kids and teens who are feeling stressed or who are struggling with certain issues, such as anxiety, bullying, divorce, or a traumatic event. Read more
  • FAQs About Children’s Therapy
    Childhood mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders can result in persistent issues that may harm children, families, and communities. The earlier a child receives a diagnosis of a mental health issue, Read more
  • What To Know About Neurofeedback
    Dr. Renee Clauselle offers neurofeedback at Renee Clauselle Wellness, a non-invasive method for controlling and measuring brainwaves and body temperature. This treatment is appropriate for anxiety, depression, and migraines when Read more
  • When To See a Psychologist
    Ensuring that your mental health is in top shape is important. Many people neglect their mental health due to the fact that many conditions that affect us can seem invisible. Read more
  • FAQs About Children’s Therapy
    Q. Can a Therapist Be A Life Line for Your Child? Dr. Renee Clauselle in Franklin Square, NY, is ready to help your child climb over the most minor to most significant Read more
  • Interested in Brain Training?
    Mental health is important to take care of and when you’re dealing with depression, it can severely impact your everyday life. Depression manifests differently in everyone and it can be Read more
  • When Is Children’s Therapy Needed?
    If your child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism, or is struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, children’s therapy could be beneficial. Dr. Renee Clauselle, practicing psychologist Read more
  • What's Brain Training?
    Depression can be a debilitating illness and is no respecter of persons. From feelings to thoughts and from behaviors to emotions, many different areas can manifest depression and its symptoms. But how Read more
  • Benefits of Parent Coaching
    Parent coaching is exactly how it sounds, it's giving parents the support they need to parent. Although it is done by professionals the approach is not one like you may Read more
  • What Is Concierge Counseling
    When going to therapy, each person has different needs that need to be met by a therapist. It can be overwhelming to schedule appointments as needed and you might find Read more
  • Interested in Meeting a Psychologist?
    A psychologist helps people manage their mental health challenges. They may help someone with a specific problem, like a divorce, may help them overcome behavioral or emotional problems, or give them Read more
  • What Is Brain Training?
    How brain training from your psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, can help you Sometimes medication isn’t enough to help you deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Brain training Read more

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