FAQS About Neurofeedback

When dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, or migraines, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed about finding answers to your problems. These issues can impact your everyday life and make it difficult to function normally. It’s important that you’re able to explore your options and find out what might work best for you. Neurofeedback training is an option to control and measure your brain waves and help you deal with these hard to control issues. Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY, can answer some questions about neurofeedback training and explain how it might be able to help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Neurofeedback Training 

Q: What is neurofeedback training? 

A: Neurofeedback training is a non-invasive method that your doctor in Franklin Square, NY, can apply to help measure and control brain waves and body temperature. Using this method, your doctor can help you learn to retrain involuntary body processes. This can adjust areas of your brain and help it function better. 

Q: How does neurofeedback training work? 

A: Once your doctor measures your brain waves, they can map out which areas may need to be realigned. Once those issues are addressed, your doctor will create a treatment plan to address your specific needs. Sensors will be placed on the areas of your head that link to the underperforming areas of your brain. Sounds or music will be played to help you get into a more comfortable state. This helps retrain your brain to function more easily. 

Q: How long does neurofeedback training take to work? 

A: This answer is different for each person. You may notice significant changes after one session, or it may take many. It depends on the overall functionality of your brain and what needs to be adjusted. 

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