• FAQS About Neurofeedback
    When dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, or migraines, you might feel frustrated and overwhelmed about finding answers to your problems. These issues can impact your everyday life and make Read more
  • What Does Neurofeedback Treat?
    Neurofeedback therapy is biofeedback that trains individuals to regulate their brain waves to improve cognitive and emotional functioning. During neurofeedback therapy sessions, sensors are placed on the scalp to monitor Read more
  • What To Know About Neurofeedback
    Dr. Renee Clauselle offers neurofeedback at Renee Clauselle Wellness, a non-invasive method for controlling and measuring brainwaves and body temperature. This treatment is appropriate for anxiety, depression, and migraines when Read more
  • How Does Neurofeedback Work?
    Neurofeedback, also known as biofeedback, is a type of therapy that has been widely applied in treating conditions commonly associated with or influenced by chronic stress. Stress is at the Read more
  • What is Neurofeedback?
    Are you struggling with migraines, anxiety, depression, stress or another issue? Neurofeedback, an innovative therapy provided by your psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, Dr. Renee Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness, Read more

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