What is Neurofeedback?

Are you struggling with migraines, anxiety, depression, stress or another issue? Neurofeedback, an innovative therapy provided by your psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, Dr. Renee Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness, offers a drug-free way to manage your condition.

How neurofeedback works

Neurofeedback (or electroencephalogram (EEG) biofeedback as it's also called), is a type of therapy that improves the way your brain works. The therapy regulates brain function by decreasing certain brainwave frequencies that cause or contribute to your symptoms while increasing other frequencies. During the neurofeedback therapy at the Franklin Square office, you'll learn how to balance your brain by retraining brain waves and other body processes.

Before your therapy session starts, electrodes will be attached to your head. These electrodes measure your brainwaves and provide valuable information about the way your body reacts to various physical and emotional states and triggers. During therapy, your doctor will monitor your brain waves and determine which waves need to be realigned and balanced. Neurofeedback isn't painful or uncomfortable and can be fun and relaxing. While you sit in a comfortable chair, the computer produces sounds and images that activate and retrain your brain waves.

Who can benefit from neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is helpful for many conditions, including:

  • Migraines: Does your migraine medication fail to dull your pain or make you feel sick? Neurofeedback may make your headaches less intense and might also decrease their intensity.
  • Anxiety and Stress: It's not easy to control anxiety and stress when you're faced with difficult situations. Fortunately, neurofeedback can calm the brain waves that become too excited and help you feel calmer and more in control.
  • Depression: While anxiety can be a sign of too much arousal in the brain, depression may be related to too little arousal. Neurofeedback activates brain waves related to mood and motivation, helping ease depression naturally.

Neurofeedback may also be helpful for:

  • Insomnia
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Trouble paying attention

Would you like to find out if neurofeedback could help you? Call your Franklin Square, NY, psychologist, Dr. Renee Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness, at (516) 900-7589 to schedule an appointment.

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