The Science Behind Neurofeedback

What Is Neurofeedback?

A strong movement in psychology is teaching people how to be more conscious and deliberate with their thoughts. These techniques help sufferers form better self-talk habits and reduce the risk of spiraling out of control. A limitation of these techniques is that they’re designed to change what you think. What if, instead, you could change how you think? Dr. Renee Clauselle of Franklin Square, NY, uses neurofeedback to accomplish just that.

Brain Science

Inside your brain are a million little neurons, and what neurons do, all day long, is send information. Every single thought you’ve ever had and every action you’ve ever taken started with one neuron firing an electrical signal at each other. The thing to understand about these signals is that the brain is always looking for the most efficient way to send them. Signals that get sent regularly to the same location will start being sent by the brain automatically before you even have a chance to think about it. For things like driving this means you don’t have to constantly think about everything you do in a car. Your body just does them. Similarly, you don’t need to choose to feel happy when you see someone you love. Your brain already knows. However, there's a problem.

Mental Health

Two things can happen with your brain that upset your mental health. For issues like depression or anxiety, the chemicals in your brain might be telling your neurons that control sadness or stress to fire when they don’t need to. The brain won’t fix it. It will try and do it more efficiently. Another problem that can happen is that trauma creates neural pathways faster than anything else. Your brain needs to know how to keep you safe more than it needs to keep you content. However, that can lead to your neurons firing to prepare for another traumatic encounter when none is happening. What can be done?

Neurofeedback in Franklin Square, NY

By attaching electrodes to your head, doctors can generate a picture of what it looks like when your neurons are firing. Different thoughts and feelings change what that picture looks like. Neurofeedback works by having a doctor guide you as you study the picture of your neurons and intentionally change it. This technique rebuilds your awareness of your existing thought patterns while also helping you form new pathways.

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