How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback, also known as biofeedback, is a type of therapy that has been widely applied in treating conditions commonly associated with or influenced by chronic stress. Stress is at the root of many common ailments, sometimes the cause and sometimes aggravating the condition. But the effectiveness of neurofeedback is not limited to these, as it can help with problems like migraines, depression, insomnia, and learning disorders, among others. To learn about the benefits of neurofeedback you can reach out to your Franklin Square, NY, psychologist Dr. Renee Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness.

How Neurofeedback Is Performed

The entirety of the procedure takes place while seating in a comfortable chair, there is nothing painful about it, and many find the experience relaxing. While in this seat there are electrodes attached to your head and onto a machine that is called an electroencephalogram, which will measure your brain's reactions to various stimuli. The stimuli are provided by a computer which will emit sounds and reproduce images that will help retrain how your brain responds.

What Are the Benefits

As your doctor assesses your brain's reactions they are closely monitoring your brainwaves and determine where it is you may need work. The goal of the treatment is to, with practice, to help you lower the brainwave frequencies that peak at being exposed to certain catalysts, and to help increase those that may require it. It's, in essence, a very mind over matter approach to healing, it's performed by a professional, it's non-invasive, and can often be practiced in tandem with other traditional treatments.

Neurofeedback in Franklin Square, NY

Neurofeedback based therapy can help you gain a better understanding of how your brain works and why you feel the way that you feel when confronted with stress, anxiety, and other serious mental health conditions.

If you are interested in neurofeedback therapy in Franklin Square, NY, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Clauselle of Renee Clauselle Wellness by dialing (516) 900-7589.

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