What To Expect From Brain Training

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be debilitating, leading to a loss of energy and enthusiasm for daily activities. While there are many pharmacological treatments for depression, each individual responds differently to treatment, and anti-depressants may not be fully effective for everyone. If you are interested in learning about brain training near Franklin Square, NY, contact Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness. Dr. Clauselle is a highly experienced, accredited psychologist who has dedicated expertise in child and family psychology. Dr. Clauselle (known as “Dr. Renee” by her adolescent patients), was formerly the Director of School Mental Health Services at St. John’s University and is uniquely qualified to work with both adolescents and adults in the field of mental health and wellness. In addition to brain training, Dr. Clauselle also offers parent coaching, children’s therapy, neurofeedback training, and personalized concierge counseling.

What is Brain Training?

Brain training is a non-pharmacological method of developing cognitive skills in the patient. Brain training consists of mental activities that stimulate the neuropathways of the brain, helping to create stronger executive functioning. Executive function includes one’s ability to process information, self-moderate behavior, make effective decisions, and productively solve problems. Brain training can also be effective for improving the patient’s attention, cognitive flexibility, and working memory. To experience the many benefits of brain training near Franklin Square, NY, contact Dr. Clauselle for personalized and empathetic care.

What to Expect from Brain Training?

In your first session, Dr. Clauselle will do a comprehensive assessment of your mental and psychological symptoms and well-being. Brain training can be used concurrently with other modalities of therapy to help retrain your brain to function optimally. Brain training includes enjoyable, stimulating activities that can help generate new neural pathways and improve overall cognitive abilities. Brain training is an excellent treatment for depression - by strengthening the brain, patients will learn how to effectively deal with mental health difficulties, achieving mental fitness abilities and skillsets for maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle. Brain training is an excellent modality for both children and adults. For children, brain training can improve focus and success in school, while adults can reduce cognitive decline associated with stress and aging.

If you are interested in brain training near Franklin Square, NY, contact Dr. Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness today for a qualified and compassionate mental wellness experience. To make an appointment, please call (516) 900-7589.

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