FAQs About Children’s Therapy

Q. Can a Therapist Be A Life Line for Your Child?

Dr. Renee Clauselle in Franklin Square, NY, is ready to help your child climb over the most minor to most significant hurdles in life through children's therapy.

The world we now live in is, unfortunately, more complicated and complex. The children of today deal with problems that parents possibly never had to think about when they were their age.

No child of today is utterly immune to what the world may throw their way during adolescence and the children of today have unrelenting stressors. Sometimes, what parents feel are insignificant worries in their child's mind are enormous stressors for the child. 

Q. Why Do Children Refuse to Talk with Their Parents?

As a parent, it is difficult to imagine that your child finds it hard to talk with you and refuses to open up. Children's therapy can help your child.

Q. Why is communication between a child and parents so difficult? 

A. Each child has their reason. One has to wonder why, when a child,

  • Has a beautiful home life
  • Gets high grades
  • Is social, friendly, and popular
  • Happy
  • Well adjusted
  • Sets goals
  • Deeply love their parents 
  • Has impressive aspirations

Q. Why can't some children talk to their parents?

A. Parents can be all of the following, and the child still has their reasons. 

  • Caring
  • Strong
  • Wise
  • Organized
  • Has high morals and values
  • Is hard-working
  • Is the perfect role model for their child

Q. Is there a breakdown somewhere in the child's life? 

A. Unfortunately, parents can unwittingly send the wrong message to their children. As a result, parents can innocently damage the trust, honesty, and lines of communication they want with their children. 

There is nothing shameful about having your child see a therapist if you know your child is struggling. A therapist has helpful tools that allow the child to deal with the issues bothering them. A therapist can teach the child how to communicate effectively and understand those difficult-to-understand emotions. 

Help for Your Child 

If your child is struggling with issues, call Dr. Clauselle in Franklin Square, NY. The child should always be allowed to access children's therapy before their issues progress too far. 

This doctor is a seasoned child therapist with years of successfully connecting with children of all ages.

She has the highest accreditations and is always learning new and exciting approaches to child therapy. Her success with children is unparalleled and inspiring. Help for your child is a call away. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment at (516) 900-7589.

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