• Family Routines to Take You Into the Fall Season
    Kids crave routines because they are consistent.  When families are consistent, children feel safe, secure, and loved.  We’ve all heard that kids need routines from a variety of sources like Read more
  • Summer Braces
    Dr. Renee knows that looking good is all part and parcel of building healthy self esteem and feeling good about yourself.  Summer is certainly a time for kids to relax Read more
  • Setting Boundaries with In-Laws
    As someone who uses Nannies often, Dr. Renee knows that it is important to set boundaries right away; especially with a live-in nanny.  Because a nanny can become like part Read more
  • Beating The Summer Camp Blues
    Toasting marshmallows over a crackling campfire, learning new skills, swimming, exploring nature, and hiking are many of the things kids look forward to about going to summer camp.  The memories Read more
  • Beating the Summer Vacation Brain Drain
    Tonya Perry, Ph.D., assistant professor of curriculum instruction in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Education and author of the “Supporting Students in a Time of Core Standards” Read more
  • Supporting Creative Free Play At Home:
    One of the best ways for children to engage in positive physical, mental, and social development is for kids to experience creative free play on a regular basis. It is Read more
  • Using Technology Wisely – How Much is Too Much for Families?
    As little as eight years ago, Facebook was an idea, twitter was something birds did, and linking in professionally was done at face to face networking events. Oh! How times Read more
  • Summer Jobs for Tweens
    It’s time for that long stretch of summer vacation. Many teens and college age kids have already turned in their applications, had an interview, or are returning to a previous Read more
  • Successful Summer Fun for Kids with ADHD
    For many parents and kids summer means fun . . . . .and boredom. Every once in a while, everyone needs help finding constructive things to do and meaningful ways Read more
  • Mother’s Day Tips for Blended Families:
    Having any major holiday drama-free can sometimes seem challenging for any family, let alone a blended family. Mother’s Day is no exception. There are still some family sensitivities and considerations Read more
  • 5 Tips for those Family-Friendly Road Trips
    Summer is racing towards us, which means that many families are gearing up for the proverbial road trip. We all remember the Griswolds driving their way towards ‘Wally World’ like Read more
  • 4 Tips to Quell Test Anxiety:
    It’s that time of year when public schools are busy with standardized testing and colleges and universities are in the midst of giving final exams. While every student feels a Read more
  • 5 Secrets for Successful Cooking with Kids
    Cooking with kids is a great way to have fun and learn about math and science. When kids are in the kitchen with you, it creates a sense of closeness Read more
  • Ideas for Getting Kids to Be More Active
    Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with children knows how much energy they expend – particularly when let loose on the playground. Children are naturally physically active Read more
  • Reduce your stress and worry: Cook together with curry!
    Is your family isolated from each other, focused on Internet surfing, texting, or interacting more in the virtual world than the real world? Cooking together is not only a nourishing Read more
  • 3 Great Cities for Families
    The choice of where to raise children can be a deeply personal decision. One based on, what you can and cannot live without, what your values are, and, of course, Read more

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