Child Psychotherapy: What You Should Know

How your child psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, can help your child.

Child psychotherapy is an important way to help your child deal with life’s ups and downs. It’s therapy designed to help your child enjoy a happy and meaningful life. Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY, offers a wide range of child psychotherapy and counseling services.

If you are considering psychotherapy for your child, you need to know some important facts:

What is child psychotherapy?

Child psychotherapy involves using techniques to help your child deal with emotions and behavior. Therapy may involve just your child, your family, or a group of children.

Why does my child need psychotherapy?

Your child may need psychotherapy due to inability to cope with a life event, like a divorce, death of a loved one, changing schools, moving, or many other reasons. Coping difficulties may manifest as behavioral changes including:

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Hyperactivity
  • Difficulty in school
  • Frequent bad dreams
  • Defiance toward authority figures
  • Anger and rage behaviors
  • Destructive behaviors

What happens during a child psychotherapy session?

Different methods are used during a session. These can include play therapy, drawing, building, role-playing, and talking. The goal is to share feelings and help resolve issues.

How can child psychotherapy help my child?

Psychotherapy can provide emotional support for your child and teach your child how to understand feelings and emotions. The goals of psychotherapy may be to elicit a change in specific behaviors, or the goals may be general, to reduce anxiety and promote improved self-esteem.

Specifically, child psychotherapy can encourage:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Coping skills
  • Increased self-respect
  • Ability to deal with anxiety and fear
  • Building socialization skills
  • Better relationships with family

To learn more about child psychotherapy and how it can help your child, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY. You can reach her in the office by calling (516) 750-4841, so help your child by calling today.

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