3 Great Cities for Families

The choice of where to raise children can be a deeply personal decision. One based on, what you can and cannot live without, what your values are, and, of course, how much you can afford. However, for families, there are some things that are universally desirable. These include health care, good schools, and plentiful, well-kept recreational opportunities. When all the factors are weighed into consideration, there are more choices of family-friendly cities than you may realize.

The top cities to raise children typically have large public outdoor spaces, ample playgrounds, well-performing health care facilities, and strong schools. Many have existing spaces that have been turned into clean, open public parks. Of course, cities that are good for families have stable or booming economies. Here are 3 great cities for raising, happy, healthy families:

Greensboro, NC
Located in a thriving metropolitan area called the Triad, Greensboro is centrally located to take advantage of all the family-friendly amenities this area offers. The cities of Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem are the three points of the triad. In the early 1900s, Greensboro was a textiles and transportation hub. Today, it still has a thriving business community and stable economy. With the central location of Irving Park – a thriving community near the Greensboro Country Club golf course, and its many neighborhoods with fine public parks, there is plenty of outdoor space to explore, run, jump, and climb in. Greensboro also offers views of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky mountains to the West and access to the outer banks of the Mississippi and Atlantic beaches to the east, Greensboro has just the right temperate climate to get out and explore the natural terrain. Between its family-friendly neighborhoods, stable economy, excellent schools, and thriving healthcare industry, Greensboro is one of the top places in the entire U.S. to raise healthy, active children.

Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho is one of the western United States’ finest cities to raise a family. Downtown Boise itself has a thriving cultural center with a unique pedestrian zone, historic buildings, and even the Zoo Boise – which is located on the grounds of the Julia Davis Park. All of the neighborhoods in Boise have a unique flavor and offer access to open spaces and well-kept parks. In this state capital city, Boise State University is located. From many of the tree-lined neighborhoods, such as the North End and Southwest Boise – with the Boise bench, families can easily access the collegiate and cultural amenities on offer. At the opposite end of town, is the Northwest Boise neighborhood with its Veteran’s Memorial Park located on the Boise greenbelt. With the hot springs that flow from Boise’s fault line, it is easy to see why the Natatorium public swim center is such a popular attraction. The Boise School District is nationally recognized for excellence, and as it is both a college town and the state capitol, Boise has premiere healthcare facilities on offer. With its unique combination of open spaces to explore and the cultural amenities a college town offers, Boise is an excellent family-friendly location.

Omaha, Nebraska
In the beginning of the 21st century, Omaha erected several modern downtown skyscrapers and cultural institutions. The robust economy led to companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska building a brand new headquarters there as well. With the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge opened to foot and bicycle traffic along the Missouri River and numerous city parks, there are many places for families to explore by bike or on foot in Omaha. This city in the “heartland” of the United States has numerous historic and newer neighborhoods, which reflect its socioeconomic diversity. With its wide-open prairie spaces, Omaha has a number of scenic suburbs with ample land and recreational amenities. There are also many newer hospitals here. Omaha is a suburban community with plenty of footpaths, open spaces, good schools, and excellent healthcare to offer.

These are just three of the top places to raise kids. No matter what geographic area you are looking to live in, healthy families all start from the same foundation. If you are active with your family, have good communication, and strive to do things that are fun together, you can make any area family-friendly.

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