Reduce your stress and worry: Cook together with curry!

Is your family isolated from each other, focused on Internet surfing, texting, or interacting more in the virtual world than the real world? Cooking together is not only a nourishing way to feed the family, it can also be an opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time together. Cooking together creates opportunities for conversations, activities, and memories that last a lifetime. When you are cooking a curry, you have the added benefit of lowering your stress levels with the ingredients themselves.

The main ingredient in curry that promotes calm and reduces stress is the turmeric. In fact, turmeric has been used medicinally for thousands of years in Southeast Asia and central China. Eventually, it spread on through the Polynesian islands into India itself. The ancients used turmeric as an oral treatment for a variety of ailments, including stomach pain, nausea, and digestive issues.

Not only will cooking together give your family an opportunity to bond, it tastes good and has medicinal properties — when you choose to cook a curry, that is! Here are some ways to get the whole family involved in having fun together and reducing their stress levels:

● Be flexible: Cooking is messy, so let it be … messy! Relax with the process, turn on some happy music, and share the clean-up duties. Doing things together is a surefire way to have fun and create lasting memories.
 Experiment: You can easily pique your family’s interest by working with their food preferences. Surfing the Web can be a way of connecting and finding the right ethnic recipe to cook. You can even watch cooking videos on YouTube together.
● Stretch your comfort zone: For families just learning to cook together, half the adventure is in learning how to do new things. When everyone stretches a little bit beyond their comfort zone, real family conversations will occur.

Healthy families work together to do things, learn new skills, and have fun! Cooking a curry is one way to get the family hearth humming. Here are several resources to get you started on relieving your worry and reducing your stress with curry:

For delicious curry recipes that are easy to make at home, check out the many different types by clicking here.

Or for Gordon Ramsay’s take on curry, click here.

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