Dr. Renee Clauselle Quoted in Yahoo Shine’s “5 Surprising Health Benefits of Being a Sports Fan”

Yahoo Shine, the premiere online lifestyle destination for 25 million women a day, featuring the latest information and advice from experts, recently quoted Dr. Renee Clauselle on the psychological benefits of being a sports fan. Click here to read the entire article.

“There are actually more benefits – health wise – to being a sports fan than you’d originally think,” Dr. Clauselle says. “Bonding over sports – the highs and lows of the game – strengthen ties, helps us feel supported and makes it easier for people to open up about personal things.” Clearly, that feeling of closeness we get when we connect over sports also promotes better intimacy and connection, period.

Another health advantage of being a sports fan is that it gives you many opportunities to get together with friends and have fun. For example, if a few of you and your friends follow a certain sport, it could be very worthwhile to host a small gathering on the days or nights when there are events for that particular sport. After all, “It’s nice to have a standing weekly meet-up where you feel connected and part of a group,” says Dr. Clauselle.

The Yahoo Shine article is by a Prevention magazine writer and has also been picked up by MSN. Getting this level of online recognition (the world’s 4th largest website!) is a fabulous opportunity for Dr. Clauselle. If you can, give her a little love by “liking” the article on Yahoo Shine or leeaving a positive comment on the full article, which you can find here.

Getting the mention in Prevention (love the rhyming of that) and the posting on Yahoo Shine is quite an achievement for Dr. Clauselle. Congratulations to our very own Dr. Renee Clauselle!

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