Keeping Your Teen or Tween Safe for Halloween

When your children were younger, they used to beg you to take them trick-or-treating! But now they’ve grown up a little bit, discovered the opposite sex and suddenly want nothing to do with you. The problem is that they still want to have fun with their friends on Halloween. So how do you keep them safe?

This article will go over a number of tips for parents whose teens or tweens want to go out on their own this Halloween. It’s a normal part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean that precautions aren’t necessary.

  • If you haven’t done this already, Halloween is a good time to start: Check your local sex offender registry. Most states have one, and they are easy to find through a quick Internet search. Simply enter your zip code into the registry, and find out who in your neighborhood has a criminal history.  Then make sure your children avoid those houses!
  • If your kids will be trick-or-treating on their own, ask them exactly what route they plan to take. Even better, if you are free that night, ask if they wouldn’t mind if you came with them but walked 20 feet behind the group to give them privacy.
  • Pay attention to your kids’ costumes in terms of safety. You don’t want them wearing anything that greatly obstructs their vision, hearing, or ability to run away. If you have a teenage daughter, make sure that they are not presenting themselves in an overly sexual or adult way.
  • Sometimes teens view Halloween as a night to go crazy rather than eat candy. Explain the difference between celebration and vandalism, and talk to them about any parties they might plan on attending.
  • It may be obvious, but it needs to be stated nonetheless: NEVER EAT OPEN CANDY!

Follow these tips and you are sure to have an exciting — and safe — Halloween!

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