Don’t Overdo It! Making School Projects Manageable

Your child has just come home with a list of choices for a project due in two weeks, and you begin to feel that sense of dread because the last project had the whole family up until 2 a.m. the night before it was due, hot gluing and arguing. How can you avoid this from happening again? Follow these five steps with your child to keep school projects manageable:

Step 1: Look at the project list. Support your child in asking themselves questions like:

  • · What am I good at?
  • · What topic did I connect with the most?
  • · Which topic can I easily find resources for, online or in my textbook?

Step 2: Review the rubric.

  • · The rubric will outline specifically what your child needs to include in their project to meet the requirements of a specific letter grade or score.
  • · If there is not a rubric attached to the list of projects, contact the teacher to request one.

Step 3: Break down the assignment with your child into a checklist of tasks.

  • · Read and reread the assignment with your child and ask them what they think they need to do first, next, and so on.

Step 4: Make a timeline with your child and set mini-due dates along the way.

  • · Break the checklist up on the timeline to set mini-due dates. This helps with pacing the assignment to prevent getting behind.
  • · Try to set your at-home due date one or two days before it is due in class to alleviate the pressure if you child does get behind.

Step 5: Refer back to the rubric along the way.

  • · The rubric can serve as a tool to redirect your child when the project takes a detour.

By supporting your child in keeping the project manageable, you can help to ensure both a good grade and peace in your household.


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