Dr. Renee Clauselle Establishes Online Counseling and Consultation Practice

Dr. Renee Clauselle has announced a new part of her practice in which patients can communicate with her over the Internet.

Dr. Clauselle has established an online counseling and consultation practice through two websites: eTalkwithyou (www.etalkwithyou.com) and Liveperson (www.liveperson.com/dr-renee-clauselle). The websites are ideal for patients who may not want to travel to a counselor’s office, are seeking to remain anonymous or have a quick question and do not need weekly counseling.

These online sessions do not deal exclusively with child psychology issues; it is for general mental health issues as well. With these sessions, patients can access a counselor online at times when most offices are not open. As long as a counselor is online, a client can initiate a session. Clients can talk with a counselor via chat, phone or e-mail. Communication between the client and the counselor is secure, and privacy and protection laws are maintained throughout both sites.

“These online sessions benefit the client because they can control when they want to initiate the session and for how long,” Dr. Clauselle said. “While it cannot take the place of face-to-face counseling and should not be used in the case of moderate to severe pathological or psychological concerns, it is good for milder issues, lifestyle changesstress management or consultation.”

For more information, call (516) 750-4841 or visit www.psychologists4kids.com.

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