What To Expect During Your Counseling Session

Dr. Renee Clauselle practices a client-centered concierge model of therapy. What you can expect during a one-hour counseling session is a much more personalized approach in a comfortable and intimate setting. At Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY, counseling with Dr. Clauselle can help you experience happiness and well-being as you work toward achieving the life you desire for yourself. 

Concierge Counseling

Within the client-centered concierge model of counseling, clients tend to receive more attention and assistance resolving specific issues they are currently facing, as well as greater privacy than in a traditional therapy session. Practices that have a large number of clients cannot necessarily provide the level of attention each individual needs and deserves. Additionally, privacy can be compromised when insurance companies are involved.

Dr. Clauselle Wellness only works with a limited number of clients at a time, which means she is more accessible and counseling sessions are available when you need them. Additionally, since there is no insurance involvement, the care you receive is not dictated by an outside company based on what is covered. Concierge counseling at our Franklin Square, NY, practice is tailored to your needs and is completely private.

Some things you can expect during a one-hour counseling session with Dr. Clauselle include:

  • A client-centered philosophy 
  • A comfortable and intimate setting
  • A closer working relationship with your therapist 
  • A more personalized approach with special attention to the issues you are dealing with at the moment 
  • Treatment plans and sessions tailored to your needs 
  • Walking away with a more positive outlook for the future 
  • Greater accessibility and flexible scheduling
  • Complete confidentiality and privacy 
  • Assistance in dealing with uncomfortable emotions, such as stress and depression 
  • Help to develop the emotional skills needed to feel hopeful once again

Concierge counseling with Dr. Clauselle offers increased attention to you and the issues you are facing, a more personalized approach, an extremely comfortable setting, and increased privacy. The doctor is here to help guide you back toward achieving the dreams you’ve deferred so you can truly live the life you desire. For personalized counseling in Franklin Square, NY, schedule a session with Dr. Clauselle by calling Renee Clauselle Wellness at (516) 900-7589.

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