When to See a Psychologist

How your psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, can help you enjoy life more

Life is stressful, and everyday events can seem overwhelming. You don’t have to deal with life’s pressures alone. There is help from your psychologist.

Dr. Renee Clausell at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY, provides comprehensive psychological services and counseling, to help you enjoy life more.

Sudden, dramatic events are a normal part of life, but sometimes, they happen all at once. Sometimes it is difficult and challenging to cope with life. Your psychologist is an expert at helping you learn coping strategies and stress management, so you can find happiness again.

So, when should you see a psychologist? A psychologist can be extremely helpful if you are:

  • Dealing with the death of someone close to you
  • Experiencing relationship changes like marriage or a divorce
  • Coping with health challenges or diseases like cancer or heart disease
  • Starting a new job or leaving an old one
  • Moving to a new state, city, or town

You may feel sad or depressed even if you aren’t dealing with major life changes. You should visit your psychologist if you experience:

  • Frequent sadness or feeling unhappy
  • Frequently feeling anxious or fearful
  • Chronic negativity or mood swings
  • Problems with feelings of anger
  • Sleeping difficulties or insomnia
  • No longer finding pleasure in things you enjoyed before
  • Thinking about harming yourself or others
  • Inability to control drinking or drug use

Your psychologist is an expert at treating:

  • Anxiety
  • Clinical depression
  • Eating or sleeping disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Neurological disorders

Your psychologist may use a variety of therapies to help you feel better. The types of therapy include:

Medications, to help with anxiety, depression, and mood swings

Counseling teaches coping and management strategies to deal with stress and other issues

Lifestyle modification, including changes to your diet and developing an exercise regimen

To find out more about how psychological services can help you, call Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY. You can reach them in the office by calling (516) 900-7589, so call now.

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