What Is Brain Training?

How brain training from your psychologist in Franklin Square, NY, can help you

Sometimes medication isn’t enough to help you deal with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Brain training is another important tool to provide you with the coping mechanisms you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY, provides a wide range of psychology services, including brain training to help you.

Brain training can help improve your cognitive abilities and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression in adults, teens and children. Mental health issues can cause weaker functioning of parts of your brain. Brain training can help stimulate your brain to function better.

Brain training can:

  • Reduce your stress level
  • Increase your memory potential
  • Elevate and enhance your mood
  • Help you focus and concentrate
  • Increase your motivation
  • Increase your performance
  • Improve your thinking
  • Improve your reaction time
  • Enhance your self-confidence

Brain training is often used in combination with other treatments including:

  • Medication therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual and group counseling

Brain training sessions are about an hour. The amount of sessions you need per week will vary depending on your symptoms and the severity of your condition.

Brain training works for mental health issues, and it can also be helpful to maintain cognitive function and help prevent dementia and other problems. There are also brain training exercises you can do at home to help your brain function better. These include:

  • Working on jigsaw puzzles–these can help prevent cognitive decline associated with dementia and other conditions
  • Mental and physical exercises–imagining and walking through challenging scenarios to tap into cognitive abilities and solve problems
  • Playing online or app-controlled brain games–these can help challenge your brain so you can more easily reframe negative thoughts into positive ones.

You deserve to enjoy the short and long-term benefits of brain training. To find out more about brain training and how it can help you, call Dr. Renee Clauselle at Renee Clauselle Wellness in Franklin Square, NY. You can reach her in the office by calling (516) 900-7589, so call today.

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