Interested in Meeting a Psychologist?

A psychologist helps people manage their mental health challenges. They may help someone with a specific problem, like a divorce, may help them overcome behavioral or emotional problems, or give them support and healthy ways to manage relationships with people, who may have mental health problems. Dr. Renee Clauselle can help you with mental health care at Renee Clauselle Wellness, in Franklin Square, NY.

Where Would You Find a Psychologist?

You could look for one that specializes in certain types of challenges, such as a disease, divorce, or work problems. You could find one with a website that gives referrals to prospective clients.

What Can You Expect From Your Meeting With a Psychologist?

If you are interested in meeting with a psychologist, you may want to know what to expect from your first appointment. You will have a conversation about what you are experiencing and your feelings that is confidential and you can express yourself with total honesty. You may have imagined what it would look like for you to not have the problem or unhealthy situation you are experiencing, and the psychologist could help you with goals that could help you have a life closer to the one you desire to have.

The psychologist may take notes during the office visit. They may notice behavior and thinking that could be causing problems for you in your relationships, which would help them guide any recommendations that they would give you. They could give you homework based on what was talked about during the appointment, such as steps that would help you achieve your goals or changing the way you talk to or behave with others or adding lifestyle choices to your daily routine, such as fewer sedentary activities and a diet with fewer unhealthy foods, and possibly reducing your use of alcohol. They may ask you to keep information about your thoughts and feelings in a journal.

You may need to meet with them one time or for a longer time period based on the problem itself and resolving it could require a lengthier time frame, such as several months.

Dr. Clauselle can help you with mental health care at Renee Clauselle Wellness, in Franklin Square, NY. Call her office today at (516) 900-7589 to schedule your appointment.

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