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Depression can be a difficult condition to struggle with and treatment is different for everyone. When solutions such as anti-depressants and therapy don’t seem to fully do the trick, you may be wondering what other options there may be for you. Brain training is a method that can help retrain your brain to start bettering your mood and improving your overall quality of life. Brain training is often used in conjunction with other therapies and can improve your overall well-being and get you back to a functional life.

What is Brain Training in Franklin Square, NY?

Depression is a disorder that can greatly impact your life and make it difficult for you to enjoy daily activities. It can be hard for you to feel comfortable in your daily life and can make it difficult to continuously go to work or participate in activities with friends and loved ones.

Brain Training - Franklin Square, NY

Depression can be treated with different medications and with therapy, but sometimes that may not be enough.

Brain training is designed to help improve your cognitive abilities and can help reduce the number of cognitive depression symptoms you may deal with. Depression affects specific areas of the brain and usually creates a weaker state of executive functions. Brain training helps stimulate activities and will create small changes in the brain to help reduce the symptoms of depression that you might be experiencing.

This is usually for an hour and the amount of times a week that you may need to perform training is dependent on your situation and how severe your depression is.

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